About Us…

5 year old Rikur with twin kids born on our farm, March 2014

5 year old Rikur with twin kids born on our farm, March 2014

In 2011, our family decided to leave the suburban rat race behind. We moved across the country and found home on an 11-acre homestead near the Great Lakes. We raise dairy goats, poultry, livestock guardian dogs and are branching out into new things every year. We grow a large organic garden, cherry trees and raspberries and do a lot of canning and dehydrating. We hunt and fish. We’re raising six brilliant, free-spirited kids with a love of farm life and primitive skills, hoping to become as self-sufficient as possible.

4 thoughts on “About Us…

  1. I stumbled upon your site by, what I thought was, accident but am thinking, now, was more by design as your family’s story is eerily similar to ours. We moved 2200 miles from California to southern Michigan for a change of pace. We too have an 11-acre farmstead and are also trying to instill the teachings of a “real life” into our children. We also have goats! So far we’ve dabbled into several different things, but are still figuring out how/where to focus our energies when it comes to certain things. I look forward to following your journey and encourage you to follow ours, even though we’re still very new at all this. You can find us on Facebook at “Hoof and Hive”.


    • Hi Reid, so glad you found us! I checked out your page (liked it from my personal Facebook) and WOW, are you guys ever kindred spirits. I love your beehives, and great job getting the kids involved! Looking forward to your future updates


  2. Wow, I’m so happy I found your blog. What a refreshing way to live. Your family is at the heart of life and will gain so much more than kids who have eyes and fingers glued to technology without a clue. I’m looking forward to going through your archives!!


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