But… Who are you?

Preparedness has more or less been a hobby of mine since around 2006. Zombie movies were the first initial trigger that made me question how I would care for my family if things went bad and no cavalry was on the way.

This interest led me to start researching the various aspects of preparedness. I wouldn’t consider myself a prepper but simply a responsible citizen. By being self-reliant I can not only give my family the best assurances possible, I’m reducing the amount of burden my family could place onto others.

I went through the typical ‘oh shit’ stage when I came to grips with how fragile society really is. My job as a police officer only enhanced this feeling as I was routinely introduced to real life boogeymen. My initial fear-based mindset gave way as I become more educated and better prepared, which eventually led to pursuing a more sustainable life on my little farmstead. Panic led me to preparedness, which led me to increased self-reliance.

Just a little bit about the background I have; 6 years as a Patrol Deputy in the Denver Metro area, Defensive Tactics/Ground-fighting Instructor, certified armorer, and 4 years Active duty Army as a 13M MLRS crew member, (Korea, Iraq 2003).

Currently I’m a Tactical Response Team Member at a nuclear power plant which has given me opportunities I would previously have never dreamed of. I’ve also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and an undergraduate certificate in Sustainability. I guess that would put me in the strange warlike hippie category.

I brought up my background not as a stroke to my own ego but to help in some way better express how I’ve developed many of my opinions. I also believe it is important to establish somewhat of an identify with the reader in hope of developing a healthy exchange of ideas.

So if you’re reading this, let me know what kind of stuff you’d like to read about.

2 thoughts on “But… Who are you?

  1. To me it’s going to be your life experiences that matter.
    I pick up a lot of knowledge listening and reading what people have had to cope with and how they coped (or didn’t).
    Most of what I write about is about what happens to us and that can run the gambit of fun, disaster, and HUGE enjoyment from the little things in life like eating fresh bunny, growing our own, and now living an “alternative lifestyle”.
    As for subjects, “Let the ink and your imagination flow”!
    I’ll be reading it.


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