May 26th, 2015

When you’re standing at the bottom of your darkest depth you have nowhere to look but up. 

The leaves are always greener when you’re stuck on the opposite bank. 

Anticipate opportunity and be ready at any second to grab it. 

There’s a beautiful world between the rock and the hard place. 

When you’ve been cut down to your very core, grow anyway. 

Look for subtle rainbows in the murkiest of waters. 

If you want to stay standing, know who will hold you up. 

Keep both eyes on the horizon.

Find a new perspective. Look deeper, longer, closer- and use what you find to pull yourself upwards.

Have faith that peace will always find you. Always. 

Even if you can barely stay on your own feet, be a blessing to someone else. 

Smile into the wind, because you’re strong enough. 

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