Submission before Acceptance

“What is the seal of liberation? Not to be ashamed in front of oneself.” 

                                                               -Friedrich Nietzsche 

Humans are a system of systems within systems. We are a cluster of gears anchored within a framework, each entirely unique. Each propels us forward- provides us the ability to survive, to think, to live. We digest, we oxygenate, we gestate; we give birth to thoughts and concepts just as we give birth to the next generation. Some have machinery that is much more complex than others, and is difficult to comprehend even for that person. Others are quick to discount these peoples’ method of reasons; if it’s different from one’s own way, how could it possibly be right? 

So the misunderstood soul doubts himself. He seeks to gouge out the parts of his clockwork that offend others, to reset his mind and body. He tries to simplify in order to pacify. He grinds to a halt, unable to go forward, as vital parts of his vehicle are now missing. He stands alone- impotent and ineffective,  wondering where he went wrong. In his desire to equalize himself, he has become crippled. 

How can we ever truly accept ourselves until we can see each intricate part of our system as necessary, as good? We can’t. Each person is individually wired exactly as they should be, so that they can reach their full potential. Some use this realization to victimize themselves or others, some use it to drive themselves to the farthest possible lengths. That is your choice as a person and as a steward to your unique vehicle. You can deny, you can subvert, or you can submit- to loving your fate, as Nietzsche also instructed. 

One can’t accept themselves until they have the freedom to examine their inner workings, to know exactly what makes them tick. To stand naked and bare in the full light and take every piece and portion as perfect and unique to them. To use their power to push themselves, their limits, their boundaries farther than they ever thought possible. To see the web stretched out before them and to accept their role as the spider, or as his prey. To find peace in its confines. In depression, in life, in relationships there are always individual roles that we play. We can fight against these truths or accept them.    

Find the strength to embrace yourself exactly as you are. Give your soul the gift of its individuality. See each wheel and cog in your machinery as perfect, as necessary. Look at the spider’s web as opportunity; grow to meet its demands. 

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