• I am a good person, and am able to do good things during my lifetime.
  • I am capable of love and worthy of being loved in return.
  • My life has meaning, and I can bring joy to those close to me.
  • I have a purpose. 
  • I’m allowed to start over. 

  • I will allow myself to be happy again. 
  • I will find amazement and wonder in the world around me. 
  • I will find fulfillment in work and renewal in rest. 
  • I will hold my loved ones close and be a blessing to them. 
  • I will find peace. 

  • I will grow beyond my confines. I will rise above my past. 
  • I will push my boundaries and reach out. 
  • I will believe in my capabilities and in myself. 
  • I will leave old hurt behind me; I will walk away from anger and pain. 
  • I will forgive others completely and without explanation. 

  • I will look for beauty in everything I touch. 
  • I will embrace change. 
  • I will accept myself entirely, I will accept others completely. 
  • I will encourage myself to grow. 
  • I will support my loved ones without judgement or fear. 

  • I will forgive myself. 
  • I will be kind to myself. 
  • I will live freely and unapologetically. 
  • I will find my strength. 
  • I will heal. 

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