Affirmations- Week 2


  • I will seek out healthy relationships with healthy people.
  • I will focus on my goals.
  • I will concentrate on the positive aspects of life instead of what I can’t- and shouldn’t- change.
  • I will see every new day as a blessing.
  • I will let go of people who don’t want me to succeed.
  • I am safe, and don’t need to react out of anger and hurt. I am safe.
  • I will recognize manipulative people and won’t be drawn in by them.
  • I will accept invitations and work to become more outgoing.
  • I will have patience and see this process through.
  • I will rediscover my creativity.
  • I will value myself and others, and have the strength to discard those who don’t value me.
  • I will see the beauty in the world around me and embrace it.
  • I will accept my past and be driven to make better choices.
  • I will move forward no matter what.
  • I will focus on my strengths.
  • I will cherish each day with my children.
  • I will walk away from stagnant, apathetic people with no desire to improve themselves or others.
  • I will swallow my pride.
  • I will smile again.
  • I will take care of myself.
  • I will heal.

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