A very good friend from Chicago came out to visit yesterday, along with her two kids (10 and 8.) We piled all 8 kids (and a mountain of towels) into our giant van and headed to the lake for the afternoon. 

A riptide warning had just expired and the waves were huge. Despite a water temperature of 65*F, the older kids jumped right in. Amy and I planted ourselves on the beach blanket and counted children over and over. 

Eivin, 2, didn’t want anything to do with the cold water. He busied himself with shovels and pails, filling each one before dumping the mounds of sand onto Mama’s feet. 

The sun was brilliant and warm, but a cold wind blew off the lake from the west. Little shivering figures popped out of the shallow water and raced to their mothers/lifeguards for a few minutes of warming up in their towels before dashing back to the waves. 

4 year old Alarik filled another pail with wet sand and tried to make a sandcastle. 6 year old Rikur had everyone nearby laughing; no matter how tight we cinched his trunks, they just wouldn’t stay up. He stood on the beach and hiked them up after riding each wave to its end, only to have the next one pull them back onto his hips again. 

For over two hours they danced in the cold water, leaping into the waves and  letting the current roll them back onto the beach. 

Eivin dug sand with the bigger boys for awhile, then became fascinated with chasing his shadow across  the sand. 

Eivin decided he’d had enough. He threw an epic tantrum and ended up covered in sand. We wrapped our little fish in their sun-warmed and sand-covered towels and called it a day. 

Photos: Lake Michigan, July 15th 2015

One thought on “Photos: Lake Michigan, July 15th 2015

  1. Your photos are beautiful, Cheryl! They truly captured the essence of motherhood and the joys of spending time with your little ones at such a special age!! The beach day looks like a monumental success, and one for the books!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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