For Sale

*Wilhelmina and Roscoe twins, born January 27. Nigerian Dwarf.*


Severus is a noisy, bouncy boy who likes to be underfoot. He looks a lot like his daddy, but with much more white. He would make an amazing breeding buck. $200 buck/$175 wether

Hermione does whatever her big brother is doing, and loves to rub her face on her mama’s side. She has a surprisingly big voice for such a little girl. Her mother has a good birth history so far (kidded twice) and is an amazing mom. Hermione will make a great mama and milker someday too. $175

*June and Roscoe doeling, born January 28th. Nigerian Dwarf.*


Little January (Janney) is such a mama’s girl. She’s very quiet, and can fine be fond munching hay eiwith her mom and grandma while her cousins bounce around the kidding pen. She rarely leaves June’s side, but likes to be held and played with by her humans. She has the same great genetics that her mom (Wilhelmina) has, and is very well suited for breeding. $200

*Fiona and Roscoe’s triplets, born Feb. 1st. Nigerian Dwarf with 1/4 Alpine.*


Gael is a booger. He’s like the big brother who always gives his siblings wedgies or convinces them to eat worms. He will definitely look much more Alpine than Nigerian, and will likely be as big as his mother. No photo does his color justice. He would be a stunning buck for a mixed herd or an eye-catching wether. $200 buck/ $175 wether


Owen is probably the sweetest baby we’ve ever had. He climbs not our laps and falls asleep, he gives ‘hugs’ and will happily be carried around for as long as we have time to do so. He’s very quiet, very calm and has the most kissable little face. Owen has all the right things to become a breeding buck, but we would love to see him become a forever part of someone’s herd who won’t end up too stinky for snuggles. He’d be amazing for 4H and has an awesome temperament for showmanship. $175 buck/$150 wether. 


Ainsley is a curious little cookie who has managed to flip the rubber feed dish over onto herself twice now. She’s a beautiful cou blanc and will most like look like a purebred Alpine, only a bit smaller (and with her daddy’s bright blue eyes!) her mother gives close to a gallon of milk per day after weaning and has thrown triplets in 3 of her 4 freshenings, is the easiest birther and best mother possible. She would be the perfect homestead milker for a family. $200

*Daisy and Roscoe buckling, born Feb. 2nd. Nigerian Dwarf.*


 Quartz is probably the cutest little thing on four hooves, and he absolute knows it. He hasn’t let it go to his head though. He’s a tiny, fluffy little peanut of a goat with a surprisingly loud voice, but very calm temperament. He likes being held and carried, and loves visitors to his kidding pen. He’s going to be a very small goat. He would be an amazing herdsire. $200/buck $175 wether
*Violet and Roscoe’s twins, born February 4th. F1 mini-Alpine.*


   Indigo (buckling) and Sienna (doeling) had a very rough start, and had to spend their first 24 hours inside. We were able to get Violet to take them back once they were standing. Formal photos for these two are on the way. 

Please check back here or on our Facebook page for updates as our new babies arrive. Prices vary per baby, but wethers (castrated males) start at $125, bucklings at $150 and doelings at $175. Our babies are disbudded and receive both doses of their CD&T vaccine before going home. *NOTE: Our herd is registered with the USDA. Our kids come with ear tags, and can participate in county fairs and 4H. Our goats are not registered with any national organization. For more information on our practices, please visit our Herd page.

We hope to have a litter of purebred Great Pyrenees livestock guardian puppies later this year. Our pair are pure white with a double dewclaw, from working lines. Healthy, intelligent and hardworking. They will be exposed to goats, poultry, barn cats, big humans and small humans from birth.


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