Our Herd

Sadie (9) and Ivy (7) watching the fog roll in with Alpine doeling Hazel, July 2014

Sadie (9) and Ivy (7) watching the fog roll in with Alpine doeling Hazel, July 2014

Our herd consists entirely of dairy goats, mostly purebred Nigerian Dwarfs and standard Alpine or mini-Alpine (50% Nigerian Dwarf 50% Alpine.) We chose smaller breed goats so they’d be easier for myself (Cheryl) and our children to handle, as well as their bright colors and big personalities. Since we don’t attend goat shows, most of our goats are not registered. We breed for health, personality, and good milking genes. Our focus is on breeding goats that are well-suited to become “family milkers,” 4H pets for children and companions for other pastured animals. We do NOT sell our goats for meat or skulls.

Babies born into our herd are dam raised unless bottle feeding is absolutely necessary. They’re handled from birth by adults and children.

We would like to branch out into fiber goats someday, possibly with a few Angoras and a resulting Nigora (Nigerian Dwarf/Angora) line. We’ve added three Alpine doelings and two Nigerian Dwarf bucklings to our herd this year, and are retaining a doeling born from one of our favorite does in April 2014.

Since our goats do not have papers and show titles we do not charge as much for them when selling; however, we are picky about the homes our goats go to. Since goats are herd animals and will not thrive alone, we will not sell a single goat by themselves unless they are going into an established herd. We also do not sell goats when we know it will be illegal for their new owners to have them or if we feel they will be going into bad situations.  We’re happy to help in any way we can after the sale and enjoy staying in contact with folks who have purchased from our herd. We love pictures and updates!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’d like to be notified when we have kids available.

The Girls

“Rosie”, Nigerian Dwarf, born October 2011

Top-Of-Hill Farm, Eagle, MI

Rosie, 2014imageimage

Little Rosie is our smallest adult goat, at 45lbs and 13 inches high from her back. She is red and cream chamoisee and has lovely blue eyes. She is a teeny tiny little spitfire who loves her people and doesn’t hesitate to defend herself. Despite her small size, she has easy pregnancies and uncomplicated deliveries. She kidded with twin bucklings (Retained wether Ash and his brother Aspen) in 2013 and a single doeling, Daisy, in 2014.  She’s always been an excellent mother and gives about 2 pints of milk per day. Her kids are named for flowers and trees.

“Fiona”, F1 mini-Alpine, born April 2012

Sandy Pines Farm, Holton, MI



Fiona is the undisputed queen of our herd. Cou Clair with some white and pretty brown eyes, she looks like a slightly smaller pure Alpine doe. She has wattles. She calls the shots in pretty much everything, and the other girls follow her lead. She has uncomplicated pregnancies and requires absolutely no assistance during delivery, and is an excellent mother. She throws beautiful, colorful babies that are very ‘Alpine’ in appearance. In 2013 Fiona kidded with twin bucklings (Lochlan  and Kieran) and had triplet bucklings in 2014 (Declan, Seamus and Liam.) Her milk production averages 2 quarts per day with once daily milking.  Her kids are given Irish/Celtic names.

“Tuesday”, Nigerian Dwarf, born April 2012

Nepasequah, Michigan City, IN


Tuesday is one of  our prettiest girls. Black with white spots and very bright blue eyes, she’s a perfect 18in tall. She needs some extra attention during her pregnancies but delivers easily and is a great mom. She threw buck/doe twins in 2013 (retained wether Leo, doeling was tiny and stillborn) and buck/buck/doe triplets in 2014 (Orion, Draco and Luna.) Every kid she’s had was black with white spots or stripes (or both) and every kid has been wattled (Orion has one wattle and one earring!) She generally gives around 2 pints per day. Tuesday’s kids are named for stars, constellations and astrological symbols.

“Toby-Mae”, Nigerian Dwarf, born April 2012

Nepasequah, Michigan City, IN



Toby is Tuesday’s twin sister. She’s also black but has a big splash of white over her back and hind leg. She’s polled (naturally hornless) has brown eyes and wattles. She’s an incredibly sweet girl who loves human attention and has a soft spot for bread crusts. Toby is also our problem child; anytime she goes into heat she manages to get herself bred, whether it’s through the pasture fence or by the baby buckling she was wet-nursing at the time.  Despite our best efforts, she has given birth three times: a single buckling, “Pippin,” in March 2013, twin bucklings, “Frodo” and “Meriadoc Brandybuck” (retained) in October 2013,  and buck/buck/doe triplets “Radagast,” “Aragorn” and “Tauriel” in April 2014. Sadly, her triplets were born prematurely and all passed away in their first week of life. ( I wrote about their brief but significant lives in this article for Heritage Homesteaders

For Toby’s health, we are considering re-homing her to an experienced farm that does not keep a buck on-site. We would still be willing to breed her to our small purebred Nigerian bucks once per year. For now, we have reinforced our fences and are planning to give Toby some much-deserved time off as well as close nutritional supervision. *IF* the vet approves we will breed her in January or February 2015 for summer kids. If you feel you could give Toby-Mae a good home please contact us.

On a positive note, Toby is an amazing mother and a great milker. She stands patiently while our children milk her, and gives just short of 1qt per day with daily milking.  Her kids are named for characters from J.R.R Tolkien books.

“Pixie”, F1 mini-Nupine, born February 2013

Sandy Pines Farm, Holton, MI


Miss Pixie is our diva, our princess who wants you to think she doesn’t really care if you pet her or not but might be kind enough to oblige you if you’re lucky. Half Nigerian Dwarf (Tinker is her mom) one quarter Alpine one quarter Nubian, she has a very distinctive look in our herd. She has brown eyes, gray roaning over her body and the  white face/black ‘mask’ seen so often in Tink’s kids. Pixie gave birth to a gorgeous single buckling (Henry) in January 2014. She had an easy pregnancy and gave birth unassisted, and absolutely adored her baby.  Henry was born during the ‘polar vortex’ and was so doted on by his mama I think he was warmer in the barn than we were in the house! Pixie’s kids are named for famous historical royalty.

“Daisy”, 3/4 Nigerian 1/4 Alpine, born April 2014

Crooked Tree Farmstead


Daisy (aka Daisycakes, Marshmallow, Lazy Daisy, ect) is our very first retained doeling! Her parents are Rosie and Charlie. Pure white with some cream and caramel markings and bright blue eyes, and her mama’s feisty adventurous spirit. She loves to escape the doe pen and visit the chickens, and enjoys keeping us company while we work around the property. We’re excited to meet her babies next spring. Her kids will be named for rocks and gems.

“Cinnamon,” American Alpine, born March 2014

Zeeland, MI


Cinnamon joined our herd from a dairy a ways north of us. She’s a beautiful red and black buckskin with a cream belly. We raised her as a bottle baby and she loves human attention. She loves bounding through the pasture like a tiny deer and can’t sleep unless another goat (usually Daisy) will snuggle her.  Her kids will be named for baking ingredients.

“Violet”, American Alpine, born April 2014

Tuck Hill Dairy, Goshen, IN


Little Miss Violet was part of a group of bottle babies we raised on our extra milk. We weren’t planning on keeping any other kids but she was just too perfect for us! Born last out of triplets, she was less than 12 hours old when we brought her home. Black and white sundgao with dark brown eyes, she’s small-boned and delicate. She loves to eat clover and is almost always wagging her tail in delight. She will only be bred to our smallest Nigerian bucks due to her small size. Her kids will be named for colors

“Hazel”, American Alpine, born April 2014

Tuck Hill Dairy, Goshen, IN



Hazelnut and her twin sister Mocha also came to our farm as bottle babies. Mocha is off to new adventures on another farm, but Hazel has made it known that she would like to stay here. She is tan and black chamoisee with big gold eyes and is polled! Hazel truly believes she is a human, and would much rather spend time with us than with the herd. She’s happiest when shes either being pushed in the kids’ wagon, being carried around or falling asleep in our arms. She’s also tiny, much smaller than her twin sister,  and therefore well suited to be bred to our Nigerian bucks. Hazel’s kids will be named with ‘old-fashioned’ names.

The Guys

“Charlie”, Buck, F1 mini-Alpine, born June 2012

Feisty Farms, —-, IN



Charlie is one of the sweetest goats on the planet. Tri-color and belted with gold eyes, he was raised on the bottle by the awesome folks of Feisty Farms and then for awhile by us. He’s a nice, calm boy even when in rut, and a gentleman while spending time with the ladies. He presides over the barn like a wise old man and wants to be introduced to any visitors. As of summer 2014 he had fathered 16 gorgeous kids. He throws a lot of color as well as spots and stripes.

“Roscoe”, Buck, Nigerian Dwarf, born February 2014

Huntington, IN



Roscoe is a miracle. He came to us as a bottle baby, three weeks old and desperately sick. He was terribly anemic and his stomachs weren’t functioning at all. He was skin and bones and couldn’t maintain his body temperature. As soon as he started improving he caught pneumonia. He beat that as well, and has gone on to grow into a young buck who is tiny but tenacious, small in stature but huge in personality. He’s a tri-colored buckskin with blue eyes and adorably huge ears. He’s gained weight and been given a perfect bill of health from the vet, and will be introduced to a few of the girls late this fall. We hope his spirit will be inherited by his kids!

“Bombur the Dwarf,” Buck, Nigerian Dwarf, born February 2014

Nickel Farms, Cadillac, MI


Bombur is the sweet and precious new guy in town, and made friends with all the other boys in no time. He’s our little teapot (short and stout!) with black, brown and orange buckskin coat. He resembles a fat little buffalo, has big brown eyes and quite the beard coming in already.  Bombur and Roscoe are best friends and sleep in a lump of fuzz and ears, and are usually found chasing each other through the buck pasture. Bombur is getting really interested in girls and isn’t sure why we won’t let him go over to the doe pasture for a closer sniff yet.

“Leo”, Wether, Nigerian Dwarf, born March 2013

Crooked Tree Farm


Leo was our very first baby goat. He looks exactly like his mama, Tuesday, except his lower half is spotted like a Holstein cow. He has blue eyes and is happy to hang out in the doe pasture as ‘one of the girls.’ He is still fiercely devoted to his mother. Leo loves animal crackers, lettuce and corn husks and is the first to let us know if we’re late with the goats’ dinner.

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